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Having completed my degree and masters in UCD, I continued my studies in Ireland’s College of Complementary Medical Education – CCME and National School of Sports massage – NSSM to qualify as a neuromuscular therapist. From there, I broadened my therapeutic knowledge by completing a diploma in acupuncture and clinical medicine. Graduating from Lansdowne College of Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine under the clinical directorship of Dr. Vincent Carroll.

I am registered with the Acupuncture Council of Ireland and the Association of Neuromusclar Therapists and Physical Therapists and fully insured with Balenes and therefore registered with VHI, Laya etc.

I have been working as a therapist for about 14 years dealing with all sorts of injuries. I worked with the Leinster rugby team for 4 seasons, with the Irish rugby team and a number of rugby touring teams (the All Blacks, Australian Rugby team to name but a few), ensuring injury prevention and dealing with players coming back from major and minor injury. However in the amateur world the injuries are somewhat different. Many people come to me suffering from old injuries that they can’t seem to shake off, others have postural problems and some suffer pulls or strains, some sports related, some work related. These are situations with which I am very familiar and can offer valuable relief.

I am also an ex international hockey play and understand how important sport is to some people. I understand the importance of staying injury free and the desire to train no matter what the injury.

I have been working in acupuncture for the past 3 years, combining it with hands on therapy to achieve great results for those suffering with pain. However acupuncture has much more to offer. I have also found great results for people suffering from stress, causing anxiety, insomnia, IBS, irritability, fatigue, UTI etc. Other issues such as tinnitus, reduced hearing, but in particular women’s issues.

A few years ago I got quite sick and had to get an operation, but couldn’t seem to recover with continuous UTIs and bowl irritations. The answer I was given was antibiotics, which work while I was on them but once I finished the symptoms reappeared. I then found acupuncture, it opened my eyes to how damaging all this medication was for my body and how Chinese medicine provides a natural way of heeling. It dealt with what was causing these symptoms, repressed stress. I haven’t been on antibiotics since and my body is recovering. This was all due to stress. It has made me learn that it is so important to look after your wellbeing

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