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Injury Therapy

Injury therapy involves both recovering from the injury and making sure the injury doesn't reoccur. I use hands on techniques, such as soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, trigger point therapy and acupuncture to breakdown the scare tissue and reduce any spasm. I have found these hands on techniques have been very successful in fast recover and return to sport/activities.

I have found these techniques especially successful with:

  • Neck/shoulder pain

  • Old back pain

  • All muscle tears

  • Old injuries

  • Back Spasm, to name but a few

  • Acute injuries

I have found the electo acupuncture especially successful with joint complaints, such as:​

  • Tennis elbow

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Knee pain

  • Back Spasm, to name but a few

I use a mixture of all the above hands on techniques for all other injury and muscle tears. However whats very important is finding how it happened, i.e what is the source of the problem. For example hamstring might tear due to an imbalance  between the quad and hamstring or tight caves etc... So it is very important to discover the reason for the injury to prevent it happening again.

Get some advice on your injury!

Phone Caitriona O'Kelly 0872930317

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