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Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy many changes take place in the body. Massage will not prevent these changes from taking but will help make you more comfortable, Sports massage will help to control the following:

  • Lordotic curve in the neck i.e. head may tilt forward generally causing pain in the neck and shoulders

  • Shoulders will rotate forward and kyphosis will occur i.e. the middle of your back will over curve. This may cause pain in the middle and lower back.

  • The pelvis rotates forward and widens and the femur rotates out (will see your feet pointing out). This may cause pain in the gluts/bum and down the legs and maybe even into the knees.

  • Feet are put under pressure due to the outward rotation and the weight gain, cause pain in the feet, tightness/pain in the caves or possible cramping.

After pregnancy back pain is quite a common complaint, it is important not to ignore this pain. As you can see from above your muscle structure is altered. Massage therapy can help stimulate the muscles that have become underused and loosen out those that have been overused.

Don’t suffer needlessly!

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