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What else can acupuncture treat?

The few already mentioned are the most common found in Ireland, however acupuncture is also very effective in many other area. Research has shown that acute and chronic conditions respond very well to acupuncture.


General Conditions:

Allergies                      Anaemia                      Anxiety                        Arthritis

Asthma                        Back Pain                    Catarrh                        Colitis

Constipation                Dental Pain                 Depression                  Dizziness      


Gastric Ulcers             Haemorrhoids            Hay fever                     Hiccoughs      

Hypertension              Incontinence               Indigestion                   Insomnia        

Migraine                      Oedema                       Palpations                   Paralysis

Rheumatism                Sciatica                      Sinusitis                       Tennis Elbow

Thyroid Conditions      Tinnitus                      Trigeminal Neuralgia  Urine Retention

Urogenital Problems   Varicose Veins           Vertigo                       


Female Conditions

Absence of Period       Anaemia                      Cystitis                        Endometriosis

Hot Flushes                 Infertility                       IVF Support                Irregular Periods

Labour Induction        Lactation Problems     Pregnancy Conditions Pre-menstrual Tension



Male Conditions       

Impotence                    Infertility                       Prostaitis                     Premature Ejaculation


Substance Addicitions

Alcohol                         Drugs                             Food                            Tobacco


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